Blacker House Living Room Arm Chair
A work of art.
The Hall and Greene Brothers collaborated on and built only three original chairs for the Blacker House in Pasadena, California. Considered by many to be the height of their collaboration, one of the original chairs was recently auctioned for $913,600.

Where functional meets decorative, this chair embodies exquisite delicacy in its fine details. Parallelogram shaped front legs meet tapered arms set inside the rear legs, joined by rounded ebony splines. The tapered arms support you as they curve outward and enter the rear legs splayed to meet the hand-carved headrest. The floral scene inlaid into the contrasting wood displays unmatched attention to detail. As you glance over the chair, your eyes are drawn from the Chinese "L" shaped brackets down the leg indentations until the chair is visually planted onto the ground. The lower stretcher is angled and pillowed as it projects, ever so slightly, from its mating mortise.

Size: 23"w 22"d 38"h
Available In: Mahogany or Walnut with Inlaid Ebony,
Oak, Purpleheart and optional Sterling Silver
Production Time: 12 - 16 weeks

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Price: $5,000