Handbuilt Difference
Why purchase furniture made from a one-man shop? Rather than merely purchasing a mass-produced, factory-built collection of plywood, particleboard and toxic glue, you are investing in a custom-designed, hand-built creation of solid wood, leather and pegged joinery that will last a lifetime.

Paying attention to detail, while utilizing time-honored techniques and tools, each piece is meticulously handcrafted. Every table and chair is intended to enhance your life and fill a special space in your home or office.

What you can expect when ordering a piece of furniture:
  1.   Personalized purchasing experience: Every detail will be discussed at great length. The first step in the building process includes choosing wood finish and leather. You will be included in the process with detailed pictures including explanations of updated progress via regular e-mails.

  2. Acclimatized wood storage: When wood leaves the lumber mill it is unstable due to high moisture content, this makes the wood more sensitive to malleability. In order to prevent warping, each board is stacked and spaced as soon as it arrives to the studio. This allows air to circulate as the boards become acclimated to their new environment. All wood used in each project dries to an optimal moisture level of 5-7%. Before being used, most wood spends over a year acclimatizing to the shop.

  3.   Careful wood selection: Each board is thoroughly selected for grain direction, strength and beauty.

  4.   Detailed board matching: At the beginning of each project, a number of hours are spent matching boards and drawing cut lines. This arduous task allows Matthew to envision the final piece before the first cut is ever made.
  5.   Uniform size and shape: Every piece is milled twice. The parts are brought close to their finished size the first time. Then, over the course of three to five days, the wood relieves internal stresses, slightly changing its shape. Finally, the wood is milled to its final dimensions in order to ensure uniform size and shape.

  6.   Durability: Your furniture is assembled using old-world mortise-and-tenon joinery resulting in a durable and functional work of art to be passed down from generation to generation. Then, ensuring that the furniture is designed for a lifetime of wear and tear, each joint is reinforced with pegged joinery. This method, dating back to Ancient Egypt, creates a secure mechanical connection.

  7.   Unique character: Matching grain, sapwood and bold quarter sawn wood is used to create your unique piece of furniture.

  8.   Finished touch: All surfaces are chamfered or rounded, sanded and then finished, leaving every surface soft to the touch.

  9.   Stamped artistry: Every piece is signed, dated, marked and cataloged, as any work of art would be.

  10.   Personalized History: At the end of your project, you will receive a coffee table book of pictures captioned with explanations of the building process.