Blacker House Arm Chair in Walnut
Luxurious colors and grain patterns.
Where the straight, flat grain of Mahogany provides a uniform appearance, Walnut, with its cathedral, oval and straight patterns and rich array of colors exude an entirely different type of character.

The Blacker House and many other Greene & Greene projects extensively used Mahogany, while the Gamble House and other earlier works used large amounts of Walnut. Keeping this interpretation true to the legacy of the Greene Brothers.

Each chairs grain pattern is designed to accentuate that portion of the chair. The oval patterns in the front stretcher draw your eyes in, the cathedral patterns in the center back slat moves your eyes up towards the crest rail.

Size: 23"w 22"d 38"h
Available In: Walnut
Production Time: 12 - 16 weeks

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Price: $5,000